Tire Pressure

I like to pretend I'm a bad-ass, and I even ride a motorcycle. But when it comes to basic car maintenance, I'm kind of clueless. I can't change a tire. I don't even like to pump gas. Where is the spare tire anyway? Do we even have those anymore? I got rid of the crowbar because it was taking up valuable space in my trunk. So when my new Jeep light came on that the tire pressure was low I naturally panicked. Tire pressure? Red lights alerted me that each tire was in danger. Thankfully, my girlfriend Lisa was able to talk me through this otherwise life-threatening situation: "Pull in to a gas station and we will put some air in."  She waved me over to the station and I picked up a water hose before realizing I needed the air hose. I waved my credit card and it started rattling, so Lisa gestured for me to get to it. I thought I had it handled but it didn't have a good seal so I was just blowing air all around teh parking lot. She pushed me aside and latched the hose on to the nipple, periodically reading the gauge. I found it super hot actually, and decided to take pictures of her pumping. She didn't really appreciated the photo shoot considering it was 90 degrees and I could have been helping her manage the hose. Needless to say, she got all 4 tired nice and plump and we were on our way! I still pretend to be a bad-ass. But she is way more bad-ass.